Busy Week

On Thursday of last week, mom suggested that we attend an event in our building: bingo afternoon.20170316_153501 We got there and paid our $1 for 3 cards and took our seats at the table. I was the youngest person in the room, and not including mom, the next youngest person had to have been double my age. Mom won the first game (traditional bingo) and won back her $1 entry fee. Then I won game 2 (4 corners). Next 2 individuals claimed to win the next round (an X) but were stripped of their $1 winnings during ensuing controversy over how an X is made (no joke). We then played an uncontroversial round of traditional one line again, and yet again, Mom won (another $1!). Then we played the jackpot ($5) full board and one of the other residents won. So together, Mom and I won $3 (we won’t spend it all in one place!).

On Friday, the weather started out nice and I decided to take advantage of the nice day and go down the block. It’s been about 2 years since I got a pedicure and I thought it time that the professionals pampered me a bit, so I indulged. Shabbat was low-key (after a bad snowstorm Friday night, the snow almost all melted Saturday day) and 2 friends walked over for a bit in the afternoon for a visit.

Sunday was the Hebrew anniversary (lunar calendar) of my Dad’s death. Although I was tempted to do things like eat spaghetti or turkey & chopped liver (2 meals he really liked), Mom and I decided to try a completely new recipe and made salami babka. 1489959009472It was actually pretty good and we enjoyed this concoction. As Dad used to work in the meat business and was a huge meat lover, I figure he’d approve of us celebrating his memory with any form of meat 🙂 That said, it’s been 11 years somehow, but it certainly doesn’t feel like it.

Monday was the first day of spring and to celebrate Rita’s ices opened for the season and gave out full size cups of ices for free! Mom and I thought that sounded like a good lunch so we went (it’s on the next block from the apartment) and when we got there there was already a line. Thankfully the line moved quickly.20170320_130758 I got blood orange ices and paid $1 for a scoop of vanilla custard on top (putting my bingo win to good use!). Mom got sugar-free cherry ices. While we were waiting on line, 2 classes of young schoolchildren came and got on line too (fun school excursion!). Later that night I got a text from my homecare nurse that my labs (drawn that morning) were back and my body was metabolizing my anti-rejection meds weirdly and my level was too high, so I called the on-call post-transplant coordinator and she adjusted my medication dosage. I get labs every Monday so we’ll see what my levels are like next week. Of course, whenever the anti-rejection meds levels are off (too high or too low), they mess up your levels of how your body processes other things, so basically half my labs are off. Thankfully, my hemoglobin (which had been a huge issue and I had to have a blood transfusion back in February) is now staying in the normal range and I’m hoping it stays there.

Tuesday was the English date anniversary of my Dad’s death and mom and I were both a little sluggish that morning, not really accomplishing anything. Dad was a champion shopper (not for himself but always for us and for errands), always with his coupons ready to get a good deal.

20170323_124450-1So we loaded up on coupons and went shopping: got a new lamp (one of our living room lamps broke), got plastic storage drawers to organize my PICC line supplies  (it was in 3 cardboard boxes before), etc.

Thankful Thursday:


  1. RZ sending me the game Punderdome. Now I just need a few people who want to sit around and make bad puns together
  2. #4Mer team at BKNW bowl. Thankful my friends Facetimed me from the event so I could almost feel part of it. (Also thankful they won raffle prizes. I love raffles!)
  3. That my niece Dina has Facetimed with me the last 2 Fridays. I miss my family so much and I love seeing their smiling faces.


  1. For having so many places that I need to go be located nearby (walking distance)
  2. Free Rita’s ices
  3. Ross Dresses For Les is now at the Waterfront

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